Recyclable PET/PE high barrier Stand Up Pouches for Flour,

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Stand Up Pouches for Flour / Stand Up Pouches for coconut Flour / Stand Up Pouches for cassava Flour

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • safeguards your flour from pests, vapor, odor and moisture
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier
  • Available with tear notches,these bags can be easily opened
  • This packaging is recyclable.
  • Puncture resistant and durable

Product Details

Flour and grain products are traditional essentials of the food industry. Whether your niche is cake flour and semolina for baking or fiber-rich barley and quinoa, your flour and grains must remain properly packaged to retain freshness and effectiveness for the baking or cooking process. It is essential that these products avoid humidity, moisture, air, pests, and other hazardous elements while being stored. Otherwise, they have the potential of absorbing odors, becoming infested, or having their oils turn rancid. Stand Up Pouches for Flour can rip and tear, causing avoidable waste as well as a mess. They also can’t provide an airtight seal after being opened. Distinguish your product from the rest using our superior grain and flour packaging bags. Any of our durable and tear-proof bags ensure airtight protection so your product retains its freshness, enabling it to produce better tasting end results.

Stand Up Pouches for Flour


Stand Up Pouches for Flour, not something anyone really thinks about. Until it fails to do what it's supposed to do. To convey the flour from mill to market to kitchen, to neatly contain and store it. 


Stand Up Pouches for Flour, are the ideal flour packaging.  Created by laminating together multiple layers of scientifically designed barrier film, this packaging form is sturdy, durable and puncture resistant.   Also known as stand up pouches and custom stand bags, these bags will protect the flour from odor, vapor, oxygen, insects and moisture.  Of course, keeping the flour dry is critical.  Who wants a bag of clumpy or crusty batter?


1. Stand Up Pouches for Flour Introduction


Stand Up Pouches for Flour are used to pack different type of flour powder like wheat flour, rice flour, grain flour, cereal flour, corn flour, bread flour, cake flour and more. Flour consumption is normally not one time but multiple because it’s commonly needed for household food making purpose. Therefore built-in resealable zippers are very important for multiple consumption which can re-close the packaging bag or pouch to keep flour powder moisture-proof. Apart from that, high moisture-proof and food grade hygienic materials are to be used to protect flour powder from damp and contamination. More than that, it’s a new trend to use flat bottom bags to pack flour powder nowadays due to it’s elegant look and eye-catchy stand-up style on the shelf.



2.Stand Up Pouches for Flour Parameter (Specification)


3.Stand Up Pouches For Flour Feature And Application


safeguards your flour from pests, vapor, odor and moisture

Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

Good Shelf display.

Available with tear notches,these bags can be easily opened

This packaging is recyclable. 

Puncture resistant and durable

4.Stand Up Pouches For Flour Details


5.Stand Up Pouches For Flour Qualification


The materials we used are FDA and EU approved, and our factory has obtained BRC and ISO certificate.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Stand Up Pouches For Flour


The lead time takes about 10-20 working days, and the transport time is estimated according to different regions. All the goods will have full inspection before shipping out.

1). By Express (3-5 working days), suitable for Urgent Time and Small Quantity.

2). By Sea (15-30 days), suitable for regular Mass Production.

3). By Air (5-7 days), from Airport to Airport.       





1.How long s your delivery time?

I will take 20 - 40 days according to order quantity of Stand Up Pouches For Flour


2.What certificates do you have?

We have BRC, HACCP, SGS And ISO. And we have recyclable and compostable certificates for these environmental Stand Up Pouches For Flour as well.

3. How many years has your company been established?

Our company established in 2003


4 What's your MOQ

10,000 pcs for pouch and 200g for film


5 Do you have office overseas?

No, we are factory in China and we don’t have office overseas


6 Are you a factory and can you provide packaging solution?

Yes, we are experienced factory that stand for nearly 20 years. We have rich experience in providing packaging solution for your products. 


7 What's your main products?

Our products include stand up pouch, gusset bag, Flat Bottom Pouches, 2/3





foshan rijing techtronic packaging co ltd

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