Food Grade Stand Up Spout Pouch Tomato Sauce Juice Drink Packaging Bags

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Precise Packaging for Salad Dressings, Sauces, and Soups / Juice Drink / Spouted Pouches for Sauces, Syrup & Honey

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Window Openings
  • Stand Up Pouches Liquid Pour Spouts
  • Packaging Pouches Syrup Hang Holes
  • Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Tear Notches
  • Zipper tops

Product Details

Without delicious sauces, syrups or even honey, what would our meals be like? They are probably not delicious at all and unattractive, so the freshness of the packaged sauce is very important. The right liquid bag can do this. It is important that the syrup in the packaging bag cannot be exposed to anything that will degrade it, because products containing so much sugar are more prone to spoilage than other products.


Stand Up Pouches For Sauce

1. Stand Up Pouches for Sauce Introduction

Sauces and soups are delicious accessories that help create delicious dishes. Whether your premixed products are dry or liquid, they must provide exceptional freshness to provide surprisingly delicious results.


We produce professional Stand up pouches for sauce, which are leak-proof and can effectively pack gravy products, sauces and other liquid contents that can be customized in various shapes and sizes.

The pouches we make can meet your packaging requirements and we also can provide you with various spout for sauces, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, baby food or any other liquid foods.

Our Stand up pouches for sauce can be customized with various material structures, colors, designs and additional functions, such as zippers, tear notch, spouts, and etc.


2.Stand Up Pouches for SouceParameter(Specification)


3.Stand Up Pouches For SouceFeature And Application

·Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Window Openings – This gives your customers the ability to see your food sauces before purchasing them. This way you can put the high quality of your product on display.

·Stand Up Pouches Liquid Pour Spouts – When a customer opens up yourliquid pouch, they can easily pour the sauce, syrup, honey, or anything else directly into whatever they are cooking. This reduces messiness in the kitchen, and it also allows the customer to screw on the cap when they're done and prevent any future spoilage.

·Packaging Pouches Syrup Hang Holes – These hang holes allow your syrup to be hung from a display in stores. Our pouches can stand up on shelves, or the store can choose to hang them wherever they like to get your brand more attention!

·Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Tear Notches – Tear notches are great for one-time use products. If you're selling individual food sauce packets, customers can simply tear the top, pour the sauce, and then toss the packaging when they're done. It doesn't get much easier than that.

·Stand Up Pouches Liquid Heavy Duty Zipper tops – Some people absolutely love zipper tops; they find them to be a convenient way to close bags without using much effort. With our heavy duty zippers, once your package is sealed, it stays that way.


4.Stand Up Pouches For Souce Details


5.Stand Up Pouches For SouceQualification

The materials we used are FDA and EU approved, and our factory has obtained BRC and ISO certificate.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving ofStand Up Pouches For Souce


The lead time takes about 10-20 working days, and the transport time is estimated according to different regions. All the goods will have full inspection before shipping out.

1). By Express (3-5 working days), suitable for Urgent Time and Small Quantity.

2). By Sea (15-30 days), suitable for regular Mass Production.

3). By Air (5-7 days), from Airport to Airport.       





1.How long s your delivery time?

I will take 20 - 40 days according to order quantity of Stand Up Pouches For Souce


2.What certificates do you have?

We have BRC, HACCP, SGS And ISO. And we have recyclable and compostable certificates for these environmental Stand Up Pouches For Souce as well.

3. How many years has your company been established?

Our company established in 2003


4 What's your MOQ

10,000 pcs for pouch and 200g for film


5 Do you have office overseas?

No, we are factory in China and we don’t have office overseas


6 Are you a factory and can you provide packaging solution?

Yes, we are experienced factory that stand for nearly 20 years. We have rich experience in providing packaging solution for your products. 


7 What's your main products?

Our products include stand up pouch, gusset bag, Flat Bottom Pouches, 2/3


foshan rijing techtronic packaging co ltd

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Department: exporting sales

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Telephone: +86 13760908453

Landline: +86 757 29833438

Company Address: No.7, WeiYe Road, GangBei Industrial Zone, Chencun, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.


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