Custom printed flat bottom coffee bag with vent aluminium foil bag for coffee packaging

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High barrier
  • Using one way degassing valve to keep fresh
  • Different volumes and bag styles can be made
  • Excellent printing quality
  • Ziplock and tin tie can be chosen to tie the bag

Product Details

The desire to keep your whole bean coffee protected is a very real concern not taken lightly by us regardless of where your product comes from. This is why we provide printed coffee bags that use multiple layers of film to retain the freshness of your beans. These layers of film in our customized coffee bags have been laminated to create a barrier against odor, light, moisture, and the possibility of punctures. Because of this, you can be assured that when you opt for our whole bean coffee bags wholesale or even in smaller amounts, each of our printed coffee bags will be the same quality as the next one. What's more, we use one way degassing coffee valve to keep the freshness and avoid exploding of coffee packages.


To tin the coffee bag, we could choose to use both ziplock and tin tie, we have different colors of tin tie to match your design of package.


Don't waste any time! Submit artwork for your design now and you'll be able to receive your customized coffee bags in as little as 6-12 weeks. You can purchase as few as 5,000 pouches as a time, which is a minimum much lower than that of other companies.



A pressure relief valve when packaging fresh coffee

Freshly  roasted coffee beans emit carbon dioxide for at least 24 hours after they've been packaged. Our patented one-way degassing valve allows coffee to be packaged immediately after roasting without the concern of coffee degradation. your customers will never be faced with stale coffee again. This allows roasters to pack freshly roasted coffee immediately without the worry of having the bag burst open dueto trapped air.


Tin Tie

Convenient storage and portability

Tin ties are applied by machine to make sure they appera on the same spot each and every time. This wraps up the top of the bag to make a uniform, clean look while giving your customers the convenient feature of being able to re-close the bag after each use. Definitely a nice, final touch to every bag!



Easy open and durability for reuse

General zipper and E-zipper can be provided. These are ideal for packaging your products in a resealable package. It's convenient for repeated usage and can improve customer' experience.

foshan rijing techtronic packaging co ltd

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